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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute good afternoon. we began this noon with a terrifying night for a mother and her baby. the suspect jumped into their car and took them on a wild ride across the state.
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it started on edmonton avenue in baltimore and ended on the beltway when a mother to a desperate action to save her child and yourself. -- took a desperate action to save for a child and herself. a high-speed police chase and with a mother and her baby rowling out of a moving car on the beltway. the suspect is charged with leading police on a pursuit from baltimore to bethesda. it started about 10:00 p.m. wednesday night. the suspect was involved in a robbery at a gas station in west baltimore and jump into this vehicle with the mother and the infant forcibly. he chose a -- he drove the white lexus and sideswiped a trooper's parked car. he turned off the headlights, trying to disappear into the
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darkness at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. moments later another trooper found it weaving in and out of traffic. maryland state police say you can see the black lexus slowing down just under 40 miles per hour on 495. that is when you see the passenger door open and the young mother gripping onto her baby boy rolling out of the moving vehicle. fortunately, we had other troopers as backup who responded to the incident and they were able to respond to the mother and the baby. white was taken into custody. the mother and baby were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. white is now in jail and faces kidnapping, eluding police, and reckless driving. >> a man say morning cause headaches for virginia drivers. a storm drain collapsed in the middle of the 395 hov lane.
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>> a crawling came it for thousands this morning heading towards the nation's capital. >> it has probably been an extra 45 minutes. >> frustrating? >> and little. >> it was not easy getting onto 395 either. add to this on ramp, cards were stacked up trying to get into the district. the backup is blamed on a big hole in the ground. ddot crews worked quickly to repair the road. >> it did not help. >> this woman was word that the
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traffic tie it would force her to miss a flight at reagan national. >> i will make it, but it will be tight. people are still cleaning up today after last night's storm that caused major damage and if you close calls. one woman was driving along massachusetts avenue when a limb of a tree flew into her car smashing her back window and her windshield missing her by mere inches. >> it was only angels above watching over me because i would have been dead. i will not come this way again ever. >> she managed to take shelter in someone else's car while help arrived. the storm caused flash flooding. for complete coverage of last night's storm and a gallery of photographs, you can log on to our website at now that the storms are gone and
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all that rain, we have the forecast. the front brought in an inch or two zero across the area. the storm are now well gone. we have cooler and drier air. look at these temperatures outside. 81 degrees at reagan national airport, manassas at 79 degrees. our forecast of the session and will call for highs around 85 degrees. there will be a repeat performance tomorrow. but the model indicates some big changes on the way as it moves into next week. for years before the heat and humidity? it will be coming back. look at my extended outlook coming up in just a few minutes. >> enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. democrats and republicans will meet again today. a tense mood prompted president obama to walk out of talks with
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congressional leaders. now we're getting new warnings about the country's credit rating. >> the debt impasse has fueled anger in the white house and exasperation on the senate floor. >> i am very disappointed in the white house. i am very disappointed in all of us. >> house majority leader eric cantor suggested that the two sides are too far apart and should pass a short-term increase on the credit limit. president obama suggested a long-term position and turned to veto otherwise. he's talked out -- he stalked out, saying, "do not call my bluff." >> smoke and mirrors or default. >> both sides acknowledge that defaulting on the nations that would be disastrous.
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>> it would be a massive financial disaster and will sweep the globe into depression. >> standard and poor's warned privately it would drop the rating if the u.s. missed any payments. >> the stock market would get hit. the bond market would get hit. the economy would get hit. >> analysts say that would muster late trigger a plunge into a double-dip recession -- would certainly trigger a plunge into a double-dip recession. we will soon find out if the republican presidential field is about to get larger. sarah palin will decide in august or early september if she plans to seek the gop presidential nomination.
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we are learning new details about the case of marion barry's son. chris bury was arrested back in may after police say they found five sandwich bags of marijuana and bottles containing liquid pcp in his southwest d.c. apartment. he is facing a count of possession and another count of planning to distribute. former mayor of d.c. has a new job. is joining the law firm course, . , mitchell. the law firm for kisses on medical malpractice cases. -- the law firm deals with medical malpractice cases. many dictionaries are -- many dignitaries are expected to attend the burial of betty
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white. she died last week at the age of 93. -- of the 84. she died last week at the age of 93. a brooklyn neighborhood filled with shock and grief. a little boy was grabbed and brutally murdered by a complete stranger. police are trying to find out why. proposals from local police are raising eyebrows. paying double for netflix. before all that, will the break in the heat last all weekend?
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and a brooklyn neighborhood is still in shock over the gruesome murder of a small boy. he was on his way home from camp. >> a little wooden casket carried on shoulders in a wave of grief. >> we have to pray that this will be the last time we will hear of such a thing like this. >> he was going to be nine years old last week. but during his seven-block walk on monday, his first in making the trip alone, he was of but that did buy a complete stranger and brutally killed. >> this is every parent's nightmare. this type is extremely rare. >> his disappearance set off a frantic search in the orthodox jewish community. police got their break from this video. you can see the boy walking in
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front of a man who has been identified as libby aaron. he asked for directions. at 2:30 a.m. wednesday morning cops entered his attic apartment. >> when detectives asked where the boy was, aaron nodded toward the kitchen, where detectives noticed blood on the freezer handle. >> they believe that aaron panics, smothering the boardy and dismembering him. >> that is beyond crazy. >> police are investigating the suspect to see if he is involved in any other cases involving missing children. >> john edwards lawyers are
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back in court today. he is facing a federal judge in north carolina. prosecutors have a 300,000 b- page document the evidence. we're following the latest of evidence in the uk phone hacking scandal. three u.s. lawmakers are now asking the fbi to investigate allegations that 9/11 victims were targeted. reporters are accused of bribing police officers to have into telephone voice mail. home foreclosures
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plunged dramatically in the first half of the year. but heart -- but part of the reason is that banks are falling behind in repossessing home. one in 11 u.s. households got a foreclosure frying. the weather is a positive topic today. >> what a change 24 hours can make. it should, we had a lot of rain and thunder. it is all gone. it feels great outside. head over to annapolis with lots of sunshine. it will stick around for the remainder of the afternoon. get out your sunglasses. you will need it today and tomorrow and into the upcoming weekend. the temperature is 81 degrees. dewpoint levels are in the lower-50's. that is why it felt so sticky
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and uncomfortable outside. look at the school and refreshing year. head over to wintergreen va. they had temperatures falling into the mid-50's. our final stop of his back to the district with higher elevations and 77 degrees. the temperatures have warmed up nicely. plenty of cool and comfortable air to go around. templar'sdo not get you sir. this will make a comeback and we will feel the difference the first half of this upcoming weekend. by sunday and monday, temperatures will really begin to warm up again. in the meantime, high pressure will give us a nice nor the leaflet today and in the overnight hours. there will be lots of sunshine
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along the beaches. look for temperatures in the surf at around 70 degrees or so. a beautiful afternoon -- with daytime highs in the 80's. at night the temperatures will drop into the upper-50's and low-60's. more humidity is on the way. temperatures will be blackened to the 90-degree range on monday. on wednesday of next week, 95 degrees. this is about seven days into the future. i think this may be a little conservative. this is it. for the latest updates on the weather, you can go to you can gauge how hot it will be
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in your neighborhood. did you watch these soccer tournament? >> it was exhilarating. the women's team is one game away from the world cup title. it was the icing on the cake in yesterday's face-off with friends. alex martin, 22 years old scored the goal that gave the usa a 3-1 victory. they will have a chance at their second world cup in 12 years. starting today the public library system will allow customers to check out e- readers and use them at home. they used federal grant money to buy kindles. each are loaded with books and different themes. danielynn is open on august
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95. -- a new lane is open on i-95. the six-mile in runs from such springfield to optacon. it was a unique request by a montgomery county police officer. he is trying to amend state law to require drivers in the left lane to yield two faster cars. it will allow passage by the maryland general assembly. some argue that it will give drivers a free pass to speed in the left lane. what do you think about this? should slow orders make way to faster ones? you can weigh in on their facebook page. coming up, familiar faces and surprise new arrivals. hollywood stars shine bright in today's new any nominations. bracing for carmagedon.
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it could be gridlock on the nation's busiest highway. rob lowe on
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this morning the nominations for the sort steve third emmys were announced. these are the -- for the 63rd emmys were announced. >> the show "madmen" and topped
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the list with 19 nominations. "modern family" was the top contaminated sitcom. the emmy ceremony will be handled on september 18. if you hate sitting in traffic, which most of us do, be thankful you're not in los angeles this weekend. folks there are bracing for carmagedon. crews will be closing a 10 mile stretch of the 405 freeway for 52 hours. people are urged to stay home and stock up on food. a price hike from netflix is triggering all mine out rage. more than 40,000 people flooded netflix facebook page with
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complaints. of those who want both streaming and mail access will be receiving a price talkhike. mugles stood in line to be one of the first to see "harry potter and the deathly hallows park 2." the final harry potter movie opens nationwide 12 hours from now at midnight. still ahead, a final look at the weather. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying ileless and less?
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some california residents who are taking a break from the sizzling summer. the animals could not get enough of the snow. the newly began playing and digging and rubbing their faces in it. they raised more than $5,000 to make the snow possible. they look pretty happy there. >> that looks nice. daytime high temperatures in the mid-city's. look at the warm-up by the end of the week. back into the 90's. >> thank you so much for being
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